Hesitant Mark #1

So how do you start on a blank canvas? I guess you start with a few marks, and then you go on to make loads more. Hopefully they coalesce to form some kind of coherent image. Hopefully they make sense as a whole.

This is my first, vague, slightly hesitant mark.

Laserbeards consists of two slightly creaky, beardy blokes, trying to fit gaming into their lives in a major way, whilst still working, still leading family lives, with kids and better halves. The idea is to appeal to other gamers of a similar ilk. The ones that aren’t trolling GAF or talking about gates.

The ones that just care about games.

The quiet ones.

The ones trying to thread games into real – inconsistent, time starved – lives.

It’ll become apparent sooner rather than later, that I’m a bit of a gaming butterfly. I don’t often like to sip from the same source for very long. I constantly crave new and shiny in gaming. I think it’s because I can remember what Manic Miner was /really/ like. Everything these days seems so like…. like I’m living in the future. I need to see as much of it as possible.

The point is… I’m not very loyal to one specific genre and mostly not to one platform. Wherever the new and shiny is, I try and be there. The one thing I’m fanatical about in games though is FROM Software, Miyazaki san, and their genius offspring, the Souls games and now Bloodborne. I will bore you senseless about these shortly.

Anyway. Hello. Welcome to Laserbeards!

/ OldBraveBeard /


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