Reticent Smear #1

It becomes easier to join in, once the first sketch has been made.

The canvas is already scrawled upon, so what can my daubs do to make it any better or worse?

I’m here, with my beard, and my gaming way of life. A life in digital entertainment that spans well over three decades. A life nurtured on banana milkshakes and Space Invaders.

I am no butterfly. I am more chameleon, who slyly and slowly slinks in to different gaming genres, lashing my tongue and tasting the new experiences. Shifting the very crystals in my skin to reflect the light differently and to colour myself as others, playing gleefully around me.


My gaming tastes vary wildly from moment to moment, but my enthusiasm glows with unfettered luminescence. I love change, and escapism. I want to fit in and co-operate online. To be part of a bigger something, together.

I am old, not necessarily wise, and have a family beyond my digital fancies. But here inside the game, I grow more radiant amongst my mature and considerate friends.

Shed your skin, and join me and the flittering butterfly on this journey.



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