Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – helpful links 

I’ve just been getting started with Xenoblade this week. I’ll write properly about it another time, but felt like posting this now.

It’s an amazing game, and this port is a hell of an achievement, but there’s so much to it that it can be hard to get your head round. The small screen makes things hard to read, and during a battle it’s very difficult to understand what’s going on. 

So far that’s my only real complaint. Poor use of the second screen.

What that means is that important details sometimes get lost. With the best will in the world; the explanations in game are brief, hard to read, and hard to follow. For example, I’ve no clue how to get a chain attack going, or at least I don’t know if I’m getting them going. I have a nagging feeling they’re important though. 

I’m ten hours in, and I suspect it’s going to get more complex than it already is.

So, I’m looking for good, spoiler free guides to the original.

Hopefully these links will help others in the same boat.

(That screen is taken from my own New 3DS btw. I know it’s probably the worst screen in gaming now, but they somehow manage to get very pretty things out of it.)






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