The Pile of Shame


I don’t think there’s much argument that we’re heading into a golden age for gamers. We’ve been sailing in this direction for about a year or so, but now there’s an irresistable smorgasbord of must-play games, both here right now, and (unfortunately for me) much more on the way.

It’s starting to worry me. For my sanity’s sake, and my wallet.

Here’s my Pile of Shame list as it stands now.


It’s HUGE. I can’t help it. I’m a gaming butterfly. I bore easily, I crave new experiences in gaming as soon as they’re available. I need that little endorphin hit from learning new things that gaming constantly provides. Robert Hughes, had he created Shock of the New (link here: ) now, would have had a field day with gamers. We crave the new above all else. Like Mr Creosote, endlessly grabbing at the next new taste experiences, although this time without ever complaining about how stuffed we are…

My biggest problem with that list, is just how many of these games are huge. Some effectively don’t end either. So how do I judge when I’m finished? I certainly don’t have time to get sick of them.

Currently, I’m caning Elder Scrolls Online. When that ends I have no idea, but I’m hooked. Now that evil Mr Spelkybeard has eased me into Planetside 2, that’s a second, neverending MMO that I’ve been sucked into. On top of that The Kid has expressed an interest in playing FFXIV with me over the summer holidays. MMOing with my daughter is irresistible, so I’ll cave on that too. At least the first two don’t require subs…

Add in the wonderful Splatoon, Batman: Arkham Knight, Project Cars (possibly the only racer I’ll ever need now) and the horrible, horrible summer sales and I’m done for. I’ve already caved on Oreshika, and Sword Art Online, although SAO is a little too full of Japanese teen boy fantasy for my aging tastes, so it might fall off the list. Oreshika though, THAT’s a great little game.

I’m in trouble here. So I need to pick a game and finish it. Then critique it on here. The reason I haven’t been writing anything of late, is because I simply haven’t been finishing it. Now I have a reason. A commitment to get these games ticked off the list.

Batman is the obvious contender right now. I like it a lot, I’ll see it through.

Pile of Shame review in two weeks? Lets see.

Ah crap, I forgot Dark Souls 2…