Tower Defense Fetish – Part 1


I have a thing for Tower Defence games. It’s the turtle in me. Chameleon in a half-shell!

I want to show “the world” the current crop of games I think are the best examples of unique Tower Defense games that are worth a try.

Immortal Defense

– ( A surreal story based vector participatory plan and shoot-a-thon )

Defenders Quest – (An RPG where your “towers” are a developing team of fantasy adventurers! – complete with story and attitude!)

Rymdkapsel – (An abstract tetris in isometric space build and defend with timed peril!)

Iron Brigade – (Third person steampunk Mech shoot and stomp-a-thon!)

Anomaly series (Tower Offense – reverse TD, top down mech based escort and kill!)


Since there seems to be a limit on the number of linked videos, I’ll continue this Tower Defense game vidsplash in another post…

Keep your towers upgraded and placed in smart choke points!



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