Tower Defense Fetish – Part 2


Spira Defense/Void Defense [Android] – (abstract pure numbers & mechanics orbitting spiral shootdown on mobile devices)….spiradefencepro…..voiddefencepro

Infested Planet (Space Marine Squad based Tower Offense)


Atom Zombie Smasher (Zombie “Quell and Evac” game)


Gratuitous Tank Battles (Tanks and Trenches in the traditional Tower Defense sense!)

Creeper World III (land grabbing, base building tower stemming the flow of the creep)


There’s still more where these came from, so expect a final TD Fetish post to finish it all off.

Hunker down.

Leech the money off the creeps.

Power up your slow/freeze turret and interlock your heavy hitters for a perfect killzone.

I’m sure Defense is spelt with a C.



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