Tower Defense Fetish – Part 3


This is the last in the series of video vomits about Tower Defense games.. designed to provoke an inquisitive response.

P.S. Tumblr ran out of groovey GIFS for the words “Tower” and “Defense”, so I opted for “Kingdom” and “Rush”. A well known, highly polished, if all too traditional, tower defense game. So we got a Black Dragon, woohoo!

Back to the list…

Iron Grip Warlord (Steampunk First Person Shooter with tower/traps and base defense!)…w_igwarlord_com

Freaking Meatbags (tower defense, population genetic hybridisation and robots)


Alien Robot Monsters (traditional tower defense with puzzley overtones. Lots of pew-pew-pew and boom-boom-zip).

I hope these gems give you a glimpse at the often esoteric edge of TD

Many of them are worthwhile pursuits in their own right,
and for me really take the genre past the likes of “Kingdom Rush” and “Defense
Grid” style stalwarts.

What I’d like to see, is a TD game where your turrets/emplacements
are move-able, to react to the creeping hordes – so you can pause, plan
and then run simultaneously, checking your timed movement plans.

might end up a complicated game, of patterned movements, but I imagine
it to happen as a large scale military battle would where advancing the
right kit to the right place and right time is crucial, and pulling them
back to rest and recuperate with reinforcements. I imagine this to play out like a complex
“dance“ of offense and defense and perhaps even involving some supply mechanic of sorts. Maybe a little too
complex an idea for TD, but its a dream of mine. Battle of Waterloo TD, FTW!

I think TD gets a bad rep amongst strategy titles,
probably because of the mobile explosion and the throwaway/monetisation
of the genre. Designers cutting their teeth on a TD game, because its
limited in scope.

With this selective showcase, I wanted to show that the TD mechanic is being
pushed in different ways much more in the Indie game sector than anywhere
else, and although the majority of content is usually poorly designed, cookie cutter, mobile tat – there are some titles that are worth exploring.

TD is basically a Real Time Strategy “Turtler’s” wet dream. And long shall the genre remain!



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