Laserbeards Intermissions

Here are the instrumental intermissions used as a palette cleanser between the gruelling sessions of beardwagging that goes on our podcasts.




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Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 5

Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 5


Catching none of them!

Christi and Ian tackle some contentious subjects including the viral AR craze sweeping the world about catching them all, in a back alley somewhere. We equally praise and hound some free to play games, and we dabble in the world of defining what a roguelike is.
Christi gets in some low blows, and Ian takes a roasting regarding his “buyers remorse” over Necropolis.
Content and Timestamps
0:00 Breaking News: Xbox ONE S
0:02 Pokemon GO  [1]
0:16 Magazine Buyout
0:28 Neverwinter PS4
0:36 Killstrain PS4
0:48 Adr1ft
0:59 Monster Hunter Generations
1:07 Gaming Youtubers: DasTactic [2]
1:16 Gaming Youtubers: PaulSoaresJr [3]
1:19 Roguelikes & Roguelites [4]
1:38 Brut@l
1:42 Future: Deus Ex Mankind Divided
1:44 Future: Attack on Titan
1:46 Future: God Eater 2 – Rage Burst
1:49 Future: Sword Coast Legends
1:50 Cheeky Gem: Crush Your Enemies
1:55 Cheeky Gem: Necropolis

Music snippers from Ian Bowes’ “Release Me”
Ian-bowes – Release-me

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[1] Raph Koster’s Article “AR is an MMO

[1] Raph Koster’s followup Article “I really did mean MMO

[2] DasTactic’s Youtube Channel

[2] DasTactic Extra Youtube Channel

[3] PaulSoaresJr Youtube Channel

[4] Roguelikes: The Berlin Interpretation

[4] Roguelikes: Darren Grey’s “Screw the Berlin Interpretation”

[4] Roguelikes: Slash’s “Classic Roguelike”

[4] Roguelike Radio

[4] Temple of the Roguelike

[4] RogueBasin

[4] 7 Day Roguelike Challenge

[4] Angband Anonymous (G+ group for eternally recovering roguelike-aholics.)


Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 4

Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 4


Warming our Sporrans!


 We face the challenge of a BrExit decision, whilst trying to remain wistful and cheerful about gaming.

Christi and Ian wax lyrical about the summery offerings served up by Steam and the other shinies that seem to distract us constantly… all the while fending off the memory loss of old age and an arthritic claw-like grip on our controllers.

LB#4 Bearded lightshow

Content and Timestamps

1 Bloody BrExit!(0:01:30:04)
2 Steam Summer SALE(0:08:38:15)
3 News!(0:15:41:29)
4 Prison Architect on Consoles(0:15:54:00)
5 Elder Scrolls Online Text Chat(0:18:45:15)
6 Battleborn Premium DLC(0:21:54:26)
7 The ‘O’ Word Again(0:22:48:00)
8 FREE Banner Saga II on X1 (0:35:02:00)
9 Games with Gold(0:39:16:00)
10 Mount and Blade Warband Delayed(0:41:13:00)
11 Alienation Local Co-op(0:42:24:00)
12 Pirate Based MOBA(0:43:59:00)
13 Kill Strain MOBA(0:46:54:00)
14 Firewatch (0:49:16:00)
15 Dishonoured(0:59:32:00)
16 Umbrella Corps(1:05:30:00)
17 The Technomancer(1:12:07:00)
18 Hawken & Titanfall Revival(1:17:24:15)
19 Van Helsing II on X1(1:35:51:00)
20 Deathtrap(1:38:45:00)
21 God Eater Resurrection(1:40:58:00)
22 Brut@l(1:45:20:00)
23 Cheeky Gem: Soulcaster/Soulcaster II(1:47:46:00)
24 PULSAR: Lost Colony(1:50:38:00)

Music snippers from Ian Bowes’ “Release Me”
Ian-bowes – Release-me

Our “goatee” logo is from Freepik ( over at Flaticon ( islicensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0.