The Brut@l Laserbeards Challenge!!

Nearing the release of the action “roguelite” Brut@l from Stormcloud Games, we have issued the Laserbeards Challenge!

When creating a new game of Brut@l, just enter the dungeon seed “LASERBEARDS” and then fight, jump and die and let us know how you got on.

Let us know on Twitter @laserbeards

Post up your death screenshot.

Or even capture your death throes in a video and let us know the link.

Here is our very own Christi, “the Brave Bearded One”, do a Let’s Play and primes you with lots of useful information on how to play the game, and some tactical tips on how to keep on dungeoneering Brut@l style.


Here’s my attempt, Ian the spelkybeard, at playing an Amazon warrior ( in my mind, Wonder Woman). She made it to Level 9 and got down to Dungeon Depth 10, before succumbing to lack of health, food and luck in the poisonous mushroom swamps of Hell.


Keep your torch aflame, your nerve sturdy and your jumping light and bouncy.

Pay your respects to the ASCII. Homage to the Roguelike.

Drink in the unidentified potion!

Enchant your bonker!

Everyone enjoys an Enchanted Pee!

See you in Brut@l!


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