Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 8

Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 8


LB#8 Lightshow


He’s Dead Jim!

Christi and Ian take on the mighty Klingon Empire, whilst pontificating about the future evolution of the PS4 and it’s ramifications in expanding all our dynamic ranges.
The Beards boldly go where no other Beard has gone, into the Mindbleach Zone…
Join us, but expect perky nipple excitement.
Content and Timestamps (hours:minutes:seconds)
0:01:22 PS4 Pro & Slim
 0:17:36 Psycho Pass
 0:20:23 World of Magic
 0:22:24 Mount & Blade Warband Released
 0:25:52 Everspace on Xbox
 0:31:04 BattleField 1: Multiplayer Beta
 0:34:32 Verdun
 0:41:36 God Eater 2: Rage Burst
 0:50:58 Star Trek Online
 0:55:42 Star Trek Online (Resumed)
 1:06:16 Mount & Blade Warband Playing
 1:12:13 The Tomorrow Children (PS4)
 1:34:52 Recore (XboxOne)
 1:41:20 Quantum Break (XboxOne)
 1:46:00 Assetto Corsa
 1:49:08 VR – flag it for later
 1:49:50 Warhammer: Vermintide (Oct 4th)
 1:51:52 Arigami (PS4 – Oct 4th)
 1:53:08 Dragon Quest Builders (Oct 4th)
 1:57:20 Cheeky Gem: Oceanhorn
 2:01:28 Cheeky Gem: Halcyon 6 (PC)

Music snippers from Ian Bowes’ “Release Me”
Ian-bowes – Release-me

Our “goatee” logo is from Freepik ( over at Flaticon ( islicensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0.


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