Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 9


Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 9

Wiggle your wagglies
Christi and Ian take the plunge into Virtual Reality, leaving all sense of self behind. Strap on your visor and wiggle your waggly sticks! We take on the Alien Horde, and play dress up along the way. As well as introducing a new section to the show, entitled “Christi’s Crowdfunders”, leading to a totally new game funding concept of the “Christifunder”! Pushing the boundaries of reality and fiscal support for new titles!
We have a shit-tonne of content for you..
Content & Timestamps
0:00:56 Housekeeping
0:04:28 News: Gravity Rush 2 Delayed
0:05:53 News: Assetto Corsa Patched
0:08:20 News: Zulu Response
0:12:08 News: For Honour – No Split Screen
0:15:32 News: Firewatch The Movie
0:20:10 News: Simbin Revival for Racers
0:22:28 XCOM2
0:35:08 Warhammer: Vermintide
0:49:40 Blood Bowl II
0:55:54 Darkest Dungeon
1:03:52 God Eater 2 Rage Burst (again)
1:14:08 Everspace
1:16:57 Dragon Quest Builders
1:23:04 Aragami
1:30:52 Virtual Reality (VR)
1:53:24 Steam Link
1:55:11 Future: Gears of War 4
1:56:58 Future: OSIRIS New Dawn
2:02:43 Future: Event [0]
2:04:38 Cheeky Gem: Burly Men at Sea
2:06:12 Cheeky Gem: Hybrid Wars (PC)
2:08:02 Cheeky Gem: Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (PC)
2:10:48 Christi’s Crowdfunders
2:11:12 Christifunder: Tiny Metal
2:12:36 Christifunder: Wasteland 3

Music snippers from Ian Bowes’ “Release Me”
Ian-bowes – Release-me

Our “goatee” logo is from Freepik ( over at Flaticon ( islicensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0.

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