Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 11

Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 11


Awakening the Bear, teleporting the Vulcan

Christi returns from his ursine winter hibernation, whilst Ian drops out of Temporal Warp from the 23rd Century to mould a new episode of Laserbeards for 2017.

We dibble and we dabble, discussing our 2016 belated yearly review giving out our top 5, and we then look to the future and get all giddy about the upcoming titles in 2017. So much cost, so little time, so many consoles.  First world problems.
Content & Timestamps
0:01:58 2016 Review
0:03:01 2016: Christi: Rainbow Six Siege
0:03:50 2016: Christi: Final Fantasy XV
0:04:04 2016: Christi: Doom
0:05:12 2016: Christi: The Last Guardian
0:06:48 2016: Christi: Quantum Break
0:07:48 2016: Ian: Star Trek Online
0:10:16 2016: Ian: The Division
0:13:28 2016: Ian: Battlefield 1
0:15:12 2016: Ian: Titanfall 2
0:16:00 2016: Ian: Battleborn
0:18:16 News: Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday
0:20:44 News: Elder Scrolls Online: Homestead
0:23:52 News: Ananias Released on Steam
0:24:44 News: Curse of Yendor released on Steam
0:25:20 News: Nintendo Switch
0:35:33 Nioh
0:43:28 Sniper Elite 4
0:52:32 For Honour
0:59:01 Halo Wars 2
1:06:00 Soulslikes
1:14:40 PSVR Future
1:20:40 2017 Upcoming Games
1:38:50 Cheeky Gem: Vertical Drop Heroes HD
1:44:48 Christi’s Non Gamey Sharey Thing: Lemony Snickett
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