Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 12

Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 12


A Bit of a Stooshie

Christi and Ian become a bit rowdy in this episode when we get all giddy because it is “Mass Effect Day”, and theres a bit of gushing about the Switch, it’s games, and the overwhelming number of good games to play at the moment. Ian is sick of diddling all the diddlies and is desperately trying not to PSVR any time soon. Christi references Dark Souls, Ian mystically chants the word “roguelike” several times in an desperate effort to get others to join his cult.
Content & Timestamps
0:02:51 News: Switch Joycon Fix
0:08:28 Battlezone VR Update
0:12:45 Vita 2 Rumour?
0:17:07 Mass Effect Andromeda
0:30:07 Zelda: Breath of the Wild
0:40:40 Ghost Recon: Wildlands
0:52:48 Fast RMX
0:58:16 Horizon Zero Dawn
1:20:04 Nier: Automata
1:27:32 Torment: Tides of Numenera
1:33:14 Beardstrokes: State of Beards
1:34:40 The Switch
1:43:52 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2017
1:49:04 Future: The Persistence VR
1:53:13 Ian’s Cheeky Gems: Siralim 2
l:59:22 Christi’s Kickstarter Thingy: All Walls Must Fall
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We are the Laserbeards, we’re old and hairy and a little bit weird.

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