Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 14

Laserbeards Gaming Podcast Episode 14



Christi & Ian campaign for a better life in gaming escapism than the one voted for in the General Election 2017. This episode we delve into the murky depths of dirty rally mud pools, vampiric vanquishings and windy wipeout waverings! Poke fun at us for our glistening pre-E3 rambling predictions, and then return to Overwatch for a lootbox or two!

Content and Timestamps:

(0:02) News: Dirt4
(0:03) News: ESO: Morrowind
(0:05) News: Tokyo 42
(0:06) Wipeout Omega Collection
(0:11) Marvel Heroes Omega
(0:14) The Surge
(0:21) Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 1
(0:28) Mario Kart 8
(0:36) Persona 5
(0:42) Deathtrap
(0:46) Injustice 2
(0:51) Farpoint & Star Trek VR
(1:01) MUDs alive and well
(1:09) E3 2017
(1:27) Dreadnought
(1:33) Cheeky Gem: Thea – The Awakening
(1:41) Cheeky Gem: Overwatch (I know)
(1:45) TV: Marvel Agents of Shield
(1:49) App: Duolingo
(1:52) Kickstarter: Formula Fusion
** Edited under the influence..
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We are the Laserbeards, we’re old and hairy and a little bit weird.

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